Aircraft Maintenance

Are you tired of the big maintenance shops that are out to get as much money out of each customer as they can. Or the old guy that's bouncing around airports looking for a gullible airplane owner they can talk into some "cheap" maintenance. I am not that, I let the owners dictate what is to be done with their aircraft, (as long as it's legal and safe). The annual is done by the book. All squawks are noted, even the small ones. Then we go over what needs to be repaired to maintain legal and safe flight. If you choose to come back again, hopefully the airworthy and safety related items will be less costly and we can choose to restore or upgrade the cosmetics and functionality of you airplane. During the annual I create a P/N, S/N, & Time log of all parts and inspections due. I've found this to be very useful to know for sure the status of all the critical components of the aircraft. As an airplane owner/operator/instructor myself I realize the costs and responsibility of owning and flying aircraft and truly enjoy helping others understand the mechanics of their airplane better.   Our services include:
  • Annual Inspections
  • 100hr Inspections
  • General Maintenance
  • Avionics and Upgrades
  • Owner assisted maintenance
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